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T-Shirts, Caps, Jackets and most anything, you can imagine, can get stitched. With the capability to do one item and or up to 22 items at a time.  Providing a great product becasue of the 20+ years we have of experience, at a great, value is just one part of why you should call on Denver Apparel.


After our staff has collected all the necessary information from you such as designs, thread colors, and garment specifications. We begin to digitize your design to begin the embroidery.


Once we have received and sorted/counted your apparel to make sure everything is provided; which is always completed during the designing stage. Our embroidery staff begins to set up all your garments and thread colors. Once everything is setup, we begin the embroidery.

24 Piece Minimum


After all your garments have been embroidered and touched up to perfection. Your garments are folded, boxed and picked up by you or delivered by our staff. It is sad for the work to come to an end but as the process was so simple; we promise you’ll be back.